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Study Abroad

There are study abroad programs at Bunka Gakuen’s partner schools for students at Bunka Women’s University and Bunka Fashion College. There are programs at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), Simmons College, Nottingham Trent University (UK) and the Arts Institute at Bournemouth.

1.FIT Special Study Abroad Program

Fashion Institute of Technology(FIT)/The United States

<< Study Abroad Requirements >>

  • - A second year student or above at Bunka Women's University whose major is related to apparel (Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Department of International Fashion and Culture Studies)
  • - A first year student who will take more than 30 credits, and is acknowledged as academically talented.
  • - Someone who is psychologically and physically healthy.
  • - Someone who has studied English and fashion, and has an ability to live abroad.
  • - Someone capable of obtaining a visa, and someone capable of paying tuition fees.
  • - Someone who has English ability above TOEFL IBT79.

<< Study Abroad Period >>

Second semester from FIT’s autumn semester until spring semester (end of August to end of May). It is not possible to study for longer than this.

<< Credit Transfer >>

At most 30 units will be accredited from among those subjects taken at FIT however this decision will be made upon receiving the academic transcript after the student has returned to Japan.

<< Number of Students Accepted >>

It is possible to accept up to 4 students for the 2009 to 2010 program.

<< Screening & Study Abroad Schedule >>

Mid October Latest TOEFL score
Mid November School Screening(interview)
Mid December Submit documents to FIT (only for those students that have passed the screening process)
May to June Submit forms to be reviewed at a staff meeting.
Before the end of July Complete all forms, obtain visa.
End of August Fly to the United States, enter student dormitory, and begin classes.
End of December to January Winter holidays (it is possible to return to Japan)
End of May Classes end, return to Japan.
After returning home students receive individual counseling, and confirm the units they studied abroad.
June Return to Bunka Women’s University

<< Compulsory Subjects >>

  • - Draping (Fundamentals,Applied)
  • - Level Pattern (Fundamentals/Applied)
  • - Design (Fundamentals,Applied
  • - Tailoring technology
  • - Model Drawing
  • - Fashion Design using Photoshop
  • - English(ESL)

<< Electives >>

  • - Materials research(Dying,Sewing)
  • - Accessory Design(Shoes,Bags,Belts)

<< Study Abroad Fees >>

Approximately 2,000,000 Yen

2.Undergraduate Final Year Transfer Program

  • Nottingham Trent University (NTU) / UK
  • The Arts Institute Bournemouth / UK

This is for both current students and graduates from the four year course at Bunka Women’s University and the three year course at Bunka Fashion College. Students who have completed one year of a course after having transferred from either institution can obtain an undergraduate qualification. Students are suggested to take a 6 months bridging program before entering the transfer program at The Arts Institute at Bournemouth.

3.NTU Special Study Abroad Program

  • Nottingham Trent University (NTU)/UK

This program is only for Bunka Women's University students who are currently  majoring in fashion. Students can study at NTU for 6 months.

4.Paul Smith Scholarship, NTU MA Program

  • Nottingham Trent University (NTU) / UK

This program is for those students who graduated no more than 2 years ago, or intend to graduate from Bunka Fashion College's 3 year course, or Bunka Women's University BA program and have satisfactorily completed classes in fashion business, design, and marketing. It is possible to obtain a MA postgraduate qualification at NTU in one year. Tuition fees are exempt.

5.Simmons College Study Abroad

  • Simmons College/The United States

This is a special study abroad program between Bunka Women's University and Simmons College. This program is only for first, second or third year students from Bunka Women's University studying in the Department of International fashion and Culture studies. Students will study abroad in autumn.

NOTICE: For further information, please contact the International Communications Center.
NOTICE: There might be occasions when the requirements for studying abroad might change in unavoidable circumstances and there might be times when it is not possible to study abroad. We appreciate your understanding.

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